SIVA Training & Curriculum

The development of the CSU COAST Technology Centers network is intended to provide the State with sound expertise and networked facilities, leading to practical solutions and a highly skilled workforce trained in:

  • Applied Geospatial Technology
  • Environmental Quality Technology
  • Climate Change Analysis
  • Applied Organismal Health Technology
  • Marine Ecosystem Dynamics
  • Marine & Estuarine Policy
  • Electronic Networking Infrastructure

The role of the CSU COAST SIVA Technology Center will be to provide access to and training in Applied Geospatial Technology for the benefit of faculty and students across the CSU system. COAST is now in the process of developing a mechanism that will support faculty and student travel and training at the COAST Technology Center's.

Currently, SIVA supports the training and technology used in a diverse offering of specialized hands-on project-based courses within the CSUMB spatial technology curriculum:

GEOL 260 Geology & Hydrology: Earth Systems Applications

GEOL 360 Geomorphic Systems
GEOL 460 River Hydrology, Assessment & Monitoring
ENVS 303 California Transect
ENVS 369 Watershed Restoration
ENVS 350 Quantitative Field Methods

ENVS 433 Advanced Applications in Marine Science Technologies
ENVS 433 Applied Coastal Remote Sensing & Seafloor Mapping

ENVS440 Environmental Modeling

ENVS 532 Advanced GIS & Spatial Analysis
ENVS536 Remote Sensing & Image Processing

ENVS 560 Watershed Systems
ENVS660 Advanced Watershed Science & Policy
STAT250 Applied Statistics for Science & Technology

ENVS545 Marine Ecological Systems

In addition to classroom training, students use SIVA resources extensively in their undergraduate (Capstone) research projects.