SIVA Capabilities

The following CSU COAST SIVA geospatial technology assets are managed and maintained as part of the OMB A-21 Compliant SFML Specialized Service Facility for research and training across the CSU. For additional information on the availability of SIVA assets, please contact the SFML SSF.

Hydrographic Survey Vessels
R/V VenTresca - 35 ft. custom built, shallow draft, aluminum hydrographic survey catamaran
[more info]
R/V MacGinitie - 30 ft. trailerable SeaArk surveyer [more info]
Multibeam Bathymetry
Single and dual frequency sonar systems for high resolution bathymetric mapping [more info]
Side Scan Sonar
Digital mosaics and substrate classification from acoustic imagery [more info]
Mobile Marine Laser Scanner
A vessel-mounted mobile marine LIDAR system for collecting high-resolution coastal features data (intertidal shoreline, offshore rocks and pinnacles) [more info]
Hyball Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
Georeferenced and quantitative video mapping of seafloor habitats and communities [more info]
SeaBotix Mini ROV
Standard compact ROV system with added vertical thrust and stability capabilities [more info]
Sub-bottom Profiling
Full spectrum sub-bottom chirp profiling for determination of seafloor sediment and rock layer thickness [more info]
Sediment Grain Size Analyses
Automated particle size distribution analyses (particle counts, diameter, and areas with volume & weight representations) for habitat mapping and ground-truthing [more info]
Landscape Ecology Modeling
Geospatial tools for the design of marine landscape models aimed at tracking the relationship between the marine species and the environment at multiple spatial scales [more info]
Trimble GPS Survey & Mapping Equipment
GeoExplorer XM (30 units) [more info]
Trimble NetR5 Reference Station [more info]
Acoustic Telemetry
Tagging and tracking in real-time a relatively continuous record of fish movement to determine fine scale spatio-temperal patterns
Spatial Analysis & Image Processing Tools
GIS layering of raster and vector products, quantitative habitat classification, 3D rendering and fly-throughs, GIS/video data fusion [more info]
High Precision Land Survey Instrumentation
Electro-optical integrated field instrumentation for surveying coastal habitats
Ecosystem Visualization
Landscape visualization as a means to enhance linkages between complex scientific research data sets, decision makers, and the general public [more info]