Participant Presentations
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  Workshop Introduction- Goals, Objective, Process   Kvitek, CSUMB Seafloor Mapping Lab (34MB)  
  Update and Overview of Seafloor Mapping Techniques, Capabilities, Interpretation & Applications   Kvitek, CSUMB Seafloor Mapping Lab (97MB)
(zip with videos 106MB)
  Habitat and Other Derivative Maps- Added Value to Seafloor Images and Maps   Greene, MLML Center for Habitat Studies (64MB)  
  Geologic Mapping by the California Geological Survey along the California Coast   Wills, California Geological Survey (65MB)  

Data Acquisition & Processing Considerations

  Lockhart, Fugro Pelagos (64MB)  
  Recent & Future Seafloor Mapping Plans of the USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Team   Cochrane, USGS Coastal & Marine Geology (3MB)  

Baseline Monitoring of the Channel Islands MPAs

  Rosen, Marine Applied Research & Exploration (37MB)
(zip with videos 111MB)
  California Derelict Fishing Gear Removal Pilot Project   Gilardi, SeaDoc Society/ UC Davis (7MB)  

Mapping Maineland Shelf Benthic Habitats Offshore of San Pedro, California

  Edwards, USGS Coastal & Marine Geology (57MB)  
  MBARI AUV Mapping Program   Caress, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute  

Seafloor Mapping Technology (Subbottom Profiles)

  Driscoll, Scripps Institute of Oceanography (24MB)  

Regional Data Holdings & Needs within California State Waters

  Kvitek, CSUMB Seafloor Mapping Lab (54MB)