Workshop Handouts & Presentation materials
  Workshop Folder

Attendee List (revised)
Data Holdings form
Data Needs form
Worksheet A- Data Needs Worksheet
Pre-worksheet Participant Data Needs table
Current Data holdings maps (3 regions)- (19MB zipfile)
RFP Area Data holdings map, Bodega Bay- Monterey Bay (post-workshop update)
Map of Priority sites from California Marine Habitat Task Force Workshop 2000
Central Coast RFP Priority Blocks BALLOT
Statewide Priority Blocks BALLOT
Blank Reference Maps w/ Fishing Blocks (15MB zipfile)

  Participant Presentations of Habitat Mapping (PowerPoints)
  Workshop Group Discussions & Breakout Session(s) Notes
  Day 1 Voting Results

Statewide Voting Results Map
RFP area/Central Coast Voting Results Map
Voting Results by Data Needs Criteria (pie charts)- Statewide & RFP area

  FINAL REPORT (6MB pdf) - Statewide Marine Mapping Planning Workshop, December 12-13, 2005
  California Coastal Conservancy (for the CA Ocean Protection Council)- Central Coast Region Mapping RFP

Reference Links


- California Marine Habitat Task Force Workshop (2000) Final Report & Appendices
- Greene et al (1999) A Classification Scheme for Deep Seafloor Habitats. Oceanological Acta, vol 22(6): 663-678.

Survey Specifications:
- International Hydrographic Organization's Standards for Hydrographic Surveys, Special Publication 44, Fourth Edition, Apr 1998
- National Oceanographic and Atmospheric (NOAA) National Ocean Service (NOS) implementation of IHO Order 1
specifications. Hydrographic Surveys Specifications and Deliverables, March 2003.