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Data overview :

The CSUMB Seafloor Mapping Lab is a state-of-the-art acoustic remote sensing and GIS analysis facility, specializing in nearshore marine habitat mapping. SFML operates a dedicated 32 ft trailerable survey vessel, equipped with over $1,000,000 in instrumentation optimized for shallow water (5-250 m) multibeam, sidescan sonar and ROV video surveys. Mapping products include high resolution (1m) bathymetry in shaded relief, contours, xyz grids, and 3D fly-through simulations, sidescan sonar mosaics and substrate interpretations, georeferenced ROV video groundtruth imagery of identifiable substrate and habitat types, classified seafloor habitat maps based on the integration of all data sources, multimedia GIS output. Several of these data types are available for viewing through the SFML IMS server.


-Select the Refresh Map button when turning any data layers on and/or off (visible layers).

-Selected tools for display, query and analyses will function on the Active layer of the Table of Contents List (right hand side) only.

-Do NOT hit the BACK button in a "live map" window. Reload the map if necessary, or open a new map from the IMS Map Services list.

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Zoom to full extent
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Query data
Find data
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Select by line or polygon
Clear selection
Extract data (vector only)
Download data (image/grid only)

IMS Software: ESRI ArcIMS provides the framework for distributing our SFML high-resolution marine survey data.

Map Services are HTML versions so you will not be prompted to download Java-required files. You can still download Map Services to your local computer through ArcGIS. Enhanced Java viewer map services are available for some sites/projects to allow greater User flexibility. Redundant HTML & Java map services will be available in future upgrades.

Please contact Carrie Bretz (carrie_bretz@csumb.edu) if you are experiencing any difficulties viewing SFML IMS data.



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